Slide Hill


Planted in 2005, the vineyard totals 39 acres with 22 acres of Syrah (Alban 1, Alban PB, Estrella, UCD 1, 174, 383, and 877 clones), 7 acres of Grenache (Alban and Tablas clones), 3 acres each of Pinot Noir (115, 667 and 777 clones) and Albarino, 2 acres of Tempranillo and a little over an acre each of Marsanne and Viognier. The Rhône varieties have done very well in our area.

The site consists of 3 rolling hills and a meadow with a variety of slopes, orientations and soils. The vine spacing is 9 feet between rows and 5 feet between vines while the row directions vary according to the slope. Wind has an impact on the western slopes of the vineyard.

Varietal Map