The Why

We believe in making the planet better by caring for our land with biodynamic and regenerative farming practices to make wines that we can share with our community. Our wines show that caring for the earth can be rewarding and enjoyable.

We are a husband and wife team that in 2020 celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and our 31st year in the wine business. During the past 10 years, we have been growing wine grapes for others craft wineries, but we found we needed more. We want:

  • • to convey our commitment to Biodynamic and regenerative farming to our end consumer,
  • • to promote the uniqueness of our 3 beautiful vineyards,
  • • to express our creativity through winemaking, and
  • • to feel the satisfaction of our consumers’ enjoyment of our wines.

So, we started to keep a couple tons of grapes for this “side-hassle” in 2017.

The How

We are Demeter Certified Biodynamic throughout our vineyards and winemaking starting back in 2013. We have learned a ton about regenerative farming with the help of Kiss the Ground, a non-profit promoting farmer education. So our 1% for the planet, we give over 1% of our sales to Kiss the Ground, We own almost 700 acres and only actively manage about 200 acres. The remaining acreage is left untouched as wildlife habitat and water shed.

The What

Our winemaking goal each year is to find the blocks and varieties that most represent the uniqueness of each vineyard site and the character of the growing season. Then using our Biodynamically grown grapes and applying Biodynamic winemaking practices, we highlight the purity of each wine’s sense of place and time.

Behind the Name

By the way, “J. Dirt” morphed from my daughter’s nick name for me “James, the butler” which was a joke at first but stuck.

Our Thanks

We are very grateful to all the crew at Dragonette Cellars that help make this dream come true. We are also thankful to our vineyard teams and all their work.