Slide Hill

Farming Practices

Since the vineyard was planted, it has been farmed using the biodynamic principles and practices and received its Demeter certification in 2009.

We are also members of the two leading sustainable winegrowing organizations, California Alliance of Winegrape Growers and the Vineyard Team. Sustainability goes beyond how you farm and where your inputs come from as it also includes how you run your business, how you treat your workers and your neighbors. It is a good compliment to biodynamic farming practices.

Our biodynamic practices enhance soil’s microorganisms and our vines vitality. Combined with regenerative farming practices like:

  • • disturbing the soil as little as possible,
  • • covering the soil with living plants or residue,
  • • providing biodiversity around and under of vines,
  • • keeping living cover crops as long as possible and
  • • integrating animals when possible

will produce a vibrate and healthy environment for our vines and our entire ecosystem.