Christy and Wise


We started prepping a couple sections of the property as soon as we purchased it. By 2016, we were able to plant 37 acres of vines, a third of which was own-rooted (meaning without grafting any rootstock). We selected Syrah, Grenache and graciano for the wind tolerance and my favorite wines. Pinot noir for is market popularity. Chardonnay since it’s my wife’s favorite and Viognier to co-ferment with Syrah.

In 2018, we planted a nursery of cuttings from our sister vineyards, Duvarita and slide hill, and a vineyard I use to work for. Then in January 2019, we dug up the vines, trimmed their roots and replanted them on 14 acres in your section of Sta. Rita Hills AVA. We, again, selected wind tolerant varieties (Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre). I believe that with climate change, the interior valleys will get hotter and then we will get windier, this the importance of the wind tolerance.

Varietal Map